Sunday, June 04, 2006

Police State Britain

This is the first post in this new blog, which will chronicle the events of the Police State which is modern day Britain.

We will draw on a variety of sources to expose the corruption which exists at the highest level of the UK government, and how they use the police, and other minions of the Police State, to enforce their will on you!

ID Cards, bio-metric scanning, the phoney war on terror, CCTV cameras recording your every move, the list is endless.

I was prompted to begin this blog by one particular incident which happened to me not so long ago.

I was walking home from my local supermarket at about lunchtime after buying some foodstuffs (I live just 200 yards from it, and was about to make some lunch) when I was stopped (from behind) by two police officers.

One of them asked me where I was on the Sunday evening previous (this was the Friday afterwards), and I replied that I didn't know, but I did want to know why the officer was asking. He informed me that there had been a disturbance in another part of town, and that he was investigating me as a suspect. When I asked what made him think that, he replied that it was because I wore glasses. I pointed out that a rather large section of the population wear glasses, and that this was no reason to stop me in particular.

The officer then asked me for my name and address, and I replied "why?". The officer replied that it was because they were investigating a crime. I told them that I already knew this, but what they failed to comprehend was that the 'evidence' they had (the fact that I wore glasses) in no way would even remotely suggest my involvement, and that, as such, they were not entitled to request my details. They then informed me that if I did not supply my details, I would be arrested.

Once again, I declined to supply my details, and was arrested, for refusing to supply my personal information, on demand, to an officer of the state, for no good reason.

I was detained for about 6 hours in total, during which time I was verbally abused, physically tortured, intimidated and harassed by the police officers. This is in Britain, in 2006!

I had a DNA sample taken, using an intrusive procedure, against my will, was fingerprinted, photographed, and had a request for legal representation to be contacted denied.

My family was intimidated the Police State officers, my elderly mother and father were both visited by the police, who attempted to intimidate them into giving information about me to the police.

This is what happens when you resist the Police State which is prevelant in modern day Britain. More and more people who are questioning the Police State are finding themselves subject to this sort of abuse and harrasment.

If you think it won't affect you, you're wrong.

Big Brother is here.

Big Brother is watching you.


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