Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jack Frost killed after nephews encounter with the police state

Jack Frost, the creation of writer Rodney Wingfield, has been killed off by the writer, after his nephew suffered the unfortunate experience of being dealt with by the police.

Mr Wingfields nephew was arrested for allegedly stealing a battery charger. Despite not matching the description of the thief, the CCTV clearly showing the nephews innocence, and numerous alibis being freely available and willing to avail themselves to the police, the police took the decision to arrest Mr Wingfields nephew, and to detain him overnight.

During his imprisonment, he was urged to confess to this 'crime' by officers, who said that if he confessed to the crime he did not commit, then he would be cautioned and allowed to go home.

Mr Wingfield had written a letter of complaint to the Chief Constable, Roger Baker, but failed to recieve a response, prompting him to lose faith in the police.

The row coincides with claims that the police are being forced to enforce unrealistic arrest rates, irrespective of the innocence or guilt of the parties being arrested.

Of course, the fact that individuals who are arrested have their details placed onto the National Identity Register without their consent is, I'm sure, completely unrelated to the inflated targets for arrests.


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