Thursday, June 18, 2009

Police harass hundreds in Sefton

Police in Sefton have been busy lately, harassing hundreds of innocent people under 'Operation Beekman'.

This 'operation', is the latest idea from Chief Supt Ian Pilling of Merseyside Police.

Police inconvenienced 573 people who were travelling in the Sefton area, over a period of 6 nights.

Out of all of these hundreds of innocent people who had their journeys disrupted, Chief Supt Ian Pillin proclaimed the operation a great success, noting that over the period of 6 days, they did manage to find one man who had a small piece of cannabis, and they also managed to find the time to arrest one other man who took offence to the search.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Stalinist Russia is now in the UK. I definitely will not want to travel to such a repressive state. Do they also have arbitrary arrests and gulags? Use psychiatric evaluations on the poor to suppress. Perhaps Mersey is a Gulag and you have not noticed it yet. The forced psychiatric detentions are maybe done via pharmaceutical companies creating chemical restaints that dull the reader. The next dulling is the reality TV shows and other drivel. The West has truly lost and Terrorism and Manic Order has won, the police look more like the Taliban everyday! Pass the Prozac.

Thu Jul 19, 11:39:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a joke you would think they had better things to do then a 6 night ops that ended with a block of weed lmfao well there oath is to the queen and not to the public!!

Sat Jan 25, 08:32:00 pm GMT  

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