Monday, June 05, 2006

Beith MOD Munitions Depot Peace Picnic

Over fifty activists, protesting at the MOD munitions depot in Beith, were once again subject to heavy handed police surveillance and harrasment, from officers drafted in especially for the occassion.

Officers from Strathclyde Police and the Faslane based Evidence Gathering Team videotaped these peacefull protesters, in a blatant attempt to intimidate them.

This is the message going out in modern day Britain.

If you oppose the phoney 'War on Terror', you will find yourself subject to state surveillance. If you have the temerity to stand up for your rights to protest against the actions of an unjust state, then you will be harassed. If you draw atention to the munitions storage facilities, which maintain and store weapons which will actually cause mass destruction some time in the near future, then you will yourself be the subject of Police State attention.

Big Brother is watching you.


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