Sunday, October 08, 2006

Your rubbish will be monitored

More than 30 councils across the UK are planning to secretly attach a microchip to the lid of wheelie bins, which will enable them to monitor the contents of each housholds rubbish individually.

Each authority will then be able to cross reference this with the register of council tax payers to enable them to see exactly who is throwing out what sort of rubbish.

Of course, they couldn't attempt to do this openly, otherwise there would be open revolt in the street, so they are attempting to do this by stealth, without anyone noticing.

In Bournemouth, approximately 25,000 householders removed these chips from their own wheelie bins.

I have also personally heard from people who hve simply removed the chip, microwaved it for a few seconds, and then replaced it. The chip is inoperative, and the council are none the wiser as to how it happened.


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