Friday, September 21, 2007

PCSO Simon Purcell is a gun toting pervert

A PCSO has quit after his web profile on Facebook exposed him as a gun-toting pervert.

Fellow officers were stunned when they logged on to the social networking site to see 29-year-old Simon Purcell proudly brandishing an MI6 semi-automatic rifle.

The police community support officer went on to list his hobbies as “making sex toys for all the ladies” and “spying on doggers”. Other interests included “women, masturbation, any order I don’t mind.” Among his favourite films he put simply: “Porn”.

Describing his job, Purcell wrote on Facebook his daily mission was to “take down bad guys when there’s no paperwork or pie charts to do”.

The dad-of-one quit in disgrace as shocked police launched a probe into how he got hold of the black assault rifle. They found it had been deactivated and he was not breaking the law.

Yesterday Sussex Police confirmed: “Simon Purcell was allowed to resign as a police community support officer.”

A senior police source insisted that even before Purcell was allowed to resign he had been investigated for “very similar matters”.

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