Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Police can use Taser torture weapons on children

Concerns have been raised for public safety as Taser torture guns are made available to more police officers in England and Wales. Officers in 10 forces, who are not firearms specialists, will be issued with the 50,000-volt Tasers. Amnesty International fears police using the weapons may not be properly trained.

Former Scotland Yard commander John O' Connor said he believed extending the number of officers using Tasers was dangerous because officers were not being properly trained. He said by giving out Taser guns "indiscriminately to untrained officers" there was a risk they would be used far too indiscriminately.

"What they should be doing is every single recruit that comes in should be firearms trained,"

There had been numerous deaths in the US because they have been misused.

In the UK, for export purposes Tasers are still legally considered to be torture technologies.

Police will be allowed to shoot children with Taser stun guns despite concerns they could trigger heart attacks.

Amnesty International say Tasers have been responsible for 220 deaths in America since 2001.

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Blogger Blue Dog said...

Oh my! On children? The examples we run into every day of police over exuberance, I don't even post all I see. It's terrible.

Thu Sep 20, 12:51:00 am GMT  

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