Sunday, February 18, 2007

Victory for Ryan Stupples against the Food Police

This is Ryan Stupples, a young man who has recently won a victory over Food Fascists.

Recently, young Ryan was subjected to humiliating behaviour, at the hands of his school head teacher, Mr Malcolm Goddard, of Lunsford Primary School in Larkfield, Kent for the heinous crime of : Possession of a piece of chocolate cake and a packet of cheese biscuits. They were 'discovered' during what appears to have been a routine, and quite illegal, search of students lunch bags.

Ryan was ordered from the school dining hall, and subsequently banned from using the dining facilities.

Ryans father, Michael, complained to Kent County Council about the actions of the school, who took up the complaint with the schools governors.

Ryan has now been allowed back into the dining hall at his school

Mr Stupples said: "The headteacher is not allowed to remove any food from my son's lunchbox.

And the teachers are not allowed to look inside and see what he has brought to eat.

I'm glad that I have stood by my feelings on this.

Ryan has a perfectly acceptable lunch as far as I am concerned and nobody has the right to touch it or take things away — or make him eat all by himself away from his friends."

Well done, the Stupples.

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