Saturday, January 20, 2007

80 Glaswegians to be harrassed by police

Senior Officers at Strathclyde Police have recently approved a plan which will see their officers harass innocent people. 80 people will be specially targeted by Strathclyde police to face police harrasment, officers have said.

Officers have said that they will provide "help to access GP services, housing, dental treatment, and education in a bid to keep them out of prison."

In other words, their basic rights as citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Those people who refuse to comply with signing up to the latest work of the police state, the persistent offender programme, will be harased by the police, irresepective of any crimes they have commited, and have been been promised that they will be sent to jail, innocent or not.

Welcome to the wonderful world of police state harassment.


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