Friday, February 16, 2007

Police Officer Daniel Turner found guilty of assault

This is PC Daniel Turner, currently of Hampshire Constabulary.

He was recently found guilty by District Judge Alec Ormerod of assault by using excessive force.

PC Daniel Turner had kicked Mr Sam Paskins in the leg when arresting Mr Paskins on February 12th, 2006.

PC Daniel Turner, despite being guilty of assault on a member of the public while on duty, was handed a 12 month conditional discharge.

PC Daniel Turner, despite being guilty of assaulting a member of the public while on duty, is currently merely suspended from duty while Hampshire Constabulary is considering whether or not to take “internal disciplinary action”.

PC Daniel Turner had denied the charge.

No compensation was awarded to Mr Paskins.

I appears then that if you do not wish to be assaulted by Police Officers and then denied compensation, you should stay away from Hampshire.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazingly you fail to mention that Sam Paskins has threatened to stab PC Turner then reached doen towards his sock, at which point PC Turner kicked his leg away! I guess Sam Paskins is an angel!

Fri Jun 08, 12:30:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Well, you're entitled to your beliefs, no matter how at odds they are with what a Court of Law has decided.

Sun Sep 23, 10:34:00 am GMT  

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