Sunday, February 18, 2007

Former police officer Christopher John Snow is a paedophile

Former Police Constable Christopher John Snow, of Nettleton Chase, Gawthorpe, was recently found to have 859 images of child porn on his Personal Computer, one featuring a girl as young as seven with her hands and feet bound while another young girl held a carving knife over her naked body.

There were 667 images at level one – the least serious level of images on the court’s scale – 94 at level two, three at level three, 28 at level four and 61 at level five – the worst category. Additionally, he also had seven movie clips.

The average age of the girls in the photographs was estimated at 12 but some were as young as three and the oldest was 14. The dates of the offences ranged from October 2004 to December 2004.

“At the time he was a serving police officer with West Yorkshire Police Force. He resigned on July 4 this year (2006) after these charges were brought,” said the prosecutor.

What sort of sentence would you have expected this former police officer to have received?

Actually, Christopher John Snow walked away from court with a suspended sentence, a slap on the wrist essentially, for what would appear to be some very serious criminal activity.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick fuck

Sun May 22, 07:51:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats my ex, i was with him in around 2005, around the time this was happening and didnt have a clue. felt sick to my stomach when i found out and wish he had done alot of time for it!

Fri Nov 15, 07:41:00 pm GMT  

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