Friday, October 17, 2008

South Yorkshire Police plan to turn Sheffield into Police State for football match

Sheffield will become a Police State on Sunday, after South Yorkshire Police revealed their plans to draft in extra officers from other forces,joined by mounted officers, police motorcyclists, specials, PCSOs and dog handlers.

The force helicopter will also be used while and CCTV cameras across the city will be examined.

Police undercover 'spotters' will also be looking for people whom they have adjudicated to be troublemakers.

The cause of this avalanche of harassment? Terrorists? Pedophiles? Knife carriers? Some other almost non-existent problem? No.

The cause of this attack on civil liberties is a football match, to be played on Sunday.

South Yorkshire Police have also boasted that they will be using new legislation, the Violent Crime Reduction Act, to ban people who have not committed any crimes from an area, without any reason, for a period of 48 hours.

They have also asked the owners of Public Houses to close between 3PM and 5PM, denying thousands of people their right to a quite drink on a Sunday afternoon.

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