Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sorry Sir, you can't report a crime, we're playing poker

A householder who tried to report a burglary was turned away – because police were playing poker.

Instead, Graham Hall was handed a fridge magnet bearing the force’s non-emergency phone number and told to ring it. The retired financial adviser had just discovered that thieves had ­broken into a rental property he owns.

But a security guard on the front desk at Thames Valley Police headquarters told him no one could help because a card game involving 14 officers was about to start in the social club.

Mr Hall then rang the number he had been given on the magnet. An operator promised that a police officer would get in touch – but a week later he has still heard nothing.

Mr Hall, 69, of Oxford, discovered the break-in when he visited his property in nearby Kidlington last Wednesday. Thieves had made off with hundreds of pounds worth of snooker equipment from a games room.

Mr Hall walked 300 yards to Kidlington Police Station but a sign on the door said it closed at 5pm so he went another 150 yards down the road to Thames Valley Police HQ.

He said: “A security guard popped up from behind the desk and said: ‘Good evening. Are you here for the poker?’

“I said: ‘I thought this was a police station, not a casino.’

“I told him I’d come to report a crime, but he said I couldn’t do it there. I was flabbergasted – you can’t even report a crime at the police headquarters.”


Anonymous Julie Branston nee Roy said...

I beleive Im a victim of hacking on my laptop and has caused great fear for me and my children. After 2 months of collating evidenvce I very nervously contacted 999 13.04.11 2am as I was 100% sure the hackers were committing a crime there and then.I was on the phone for over 7 minutes. If only I knew what was to come that early morning when and the two officers arrived Male office = 5044 Female officer = 6597. I led them led to my room where my laptop was. They were so abusive, they laughed at me, took turns in mimicing me, the lady officer put her face up to mine and gave me her opinion on my ugly looks and told me how thick I really was. Ignoring there jibes I continued to show the 2 police officers my scary findings but not once did they hear my plea or look at anything I so wanted the police to see. I continued through there aggression until the male officer shoved his foot onto a pile of love notes, paintings, drawings and photographs my children so lovingly and regularly made for me and that was the final straw. He told me to turn my pc on and off or to replace it with a nice pink fluffy one and that this would eliminate any hacker and was followed by him telling me to concentrate on being a good mum. They were ejected by me from my home,I requested their badge numbers as the shock of their insulance, lack of respect and intregrity and her violence made me very angry. She stood in my hallway and looked pale, her shoulders hunched and head facing her feet and for a moment I thought "why is she looking like that? She did not look like that a few minutes ago when her face was all screwed up and almost pressed against my face when she told me how ugly and thick I was". After they left I looked around my room at the drawings and pictures that were still up on my wall and cried with total disgust and hurt that officers of the law had just treat me with disgrace, including his FOOT on my tokens of love from my children. He pretended to play football with a painting, kicking his foot to her. "Over here son on mee ed" as she head butted thin air. This story is full of fact and continues to a Horror Movie of what the police did next to me and my children. We are in a trapped nightmare.
part 1 of 2

Mon Jun 20, 12:04:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Julie Branston nee Roy said...

part 2 of 2
I went to the police station in Holmfirth (HD9) to personally report my hacking findings and PC Boswell (pc553) took zero interest and did not allow me to talk for the mere 8 minutes I was in the station. I was petrified, a/ being in a police station b/ reporting a crime c/ unsure of what would happen there after. He told me to shut up and sit down and asked me my address and my work details then that was it, I left. Not long after 2 ladies are at my door step, Social Services from Mental Health and the bull dozer has hit me, and hits me every waking hour and with every living breath I take. They have not interviewed me yet or inspected my home or watched me interact with my children, but they have called the school and my violent ex husband who is already being chastised for physical abuse to our daughter, of which continues and told them of their concern regarding their welfare. For 10 years I have been a mother I have done nothing but tend, serve, love, guide, support and adore them both and saved them from the horrors of their Father that I left 5 years ago - for all the right reasons. The social say its a general enquiry following a fax made by the officer in the station. Im told I am to be assesed for 35 working days and tonight at day 65 I have not been assessed. I have been spoken to like a criminal, told my kids will be taken away and that I am a mental person who has to prove that I am innocent and that no one will hear me. I tried to report my findings to the Examiner and BBC news but I know my phone is being tapped as a red dot is apparant on my mobile and this is confirmed on the hackers netmeeting page I researched and saved and have in my possesion - along with 5 months worth of evidence that todate has not been seen by any form of official. The hacking includes public networkings, emails and identity theft on a massive scale (Im not the only victim). Im advised in the one and only letter recieved from my social worker from Huddersfield, Joanne and Natasha that my children have been placed on the child protection register and Ive been given a section 47. All this came after I continued to request written documention of proceedures to enlighten me on what was happening, to help me come to terms with what was expected of me and what I was to expect. The shock waves continue and my solicitor wont even answer my calls until my assesment has been completed. There is much more to my horrors and feel like eloping but that would not serve my nature of fighting for the truth and wishing a public enquiry would be drawn to highlight and expose the corruptions of our authorities in the 20th century. If anyone, anyone anywhere can help me and my children we would be so very grateful.

Mon Jun 20, 12:05:00 am GMT  

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