Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Prestwick Airport rendition flights to Cairo

Prestwick Airport in Scotland was today named by Dick Marty, of the Council of Europe,as being part of the global "spiders web" of unlawful CIA rendition flights, in a new report published today.

Mr Marty said he used evidence from national and international air traffic control authorities, as well as sources inside intelligence services, including in the United States, to compile a detailed picture of a global system of secret detentions and unlawful transfers – including new analysis which revealed what he called “rendition circuits”.

Prestwick Airport has been named as it is used as a stopover point for illegal CIA rendition flights from Washington to Cairo, as part of the "spiders web" which facilitates the transfer of prisoners to secret CIA run concentration camps in Romania and Poland, among other nations.

The British Government has also been accused of providing information to the CIA which was used during the torture of one prisoner.


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