Friday, November 02, 2007

Pedo Police Officer escapes jail

Mark Bretherick's former partner had discovered he used internet child porn sites, Swansea Crown Court was told.

The 33-year-old, from near Welshpool, received a three-year supervision order after the judge was shown the image.

He was also put on the sex offenders register for five years and will have to complete a sex offenders programme.

Judge Christopher Morton decided Bretherick was not a danger to the public.

Bretherick had admitted a charge of possessing an indecent image of a child in September on the eve of a jury trial.

An indecent thumbnail photograph was found on a Rock laptop, but it showed that the full-size photograph had been on the laptop at some time

At the same hearing it was directed that 17 other charges should all remain on file.

Jim Davis, prosecuting, told the court on Friday the images were found on two laptops in Bretherick's possession.

One of the two laptops held just one image which it could be clearly proved had been downloaded after the law change.

Mr Davis told how the police were alerted to Bretherick's activities by his estranged fiancée.

She had been packing up her things in the house they had shared in December 2005 after they had decided to separate when she had discovered documents in Bretherick's handwriting listing illicit websites, he said.

"As a result of finding that document the police were informed and his laptops seized," Mr Davis said.

"An indecent thumbnail photograph was found on a Rock laptop, but it showed that the full-size photograph had been on the laptop at some time.

"The full image itself had been deleted."

Bretherick - who had been based at Newtown - had voluntarily resigned from his job and felt only "deep deep shame", the court heard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It astonishes me to see an article like this on your blog, which is supposed to be in support of civil liberties.

Punishing people for just possessing or viewing an image when there is no evidence to suggest that the person is dangerous or even sexually attracted to children at all - now THAT is a police state for you.

WAKE UP - have you not heard about Operation Ore yet? Take a look at and for the truth about what is happening in this country.

Posted using Tor (, which without I would not be expressing my opinion on this issue.

And finally - no I do not support pedophilia or any other abhorrent sexual disorder in any way whatsoever.

Thu Nov 22, 11:19:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that it is possible to get such an image on your computer ACCIDENTALLY by way of searching for legal adult porn on the Internet.

Modern web browsers copy the images and text of ALL sites visited to a temporary folder on the hard disc. When this is cleared, only the names of the files are deleted and not the images itself.

All it takes is just ONE illegal thumbnail to be downloaded out of all the hundreds of sites that he may have visited and now that is enough for him to be branded a pedophile.

Absolutely outrageous.

Thu Nov 22, 11:27:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think tht people like 'anoymous' should not make comments without a full picture and facts surrounding this case. The court reported that illicit child pornography sites were hand written in a list by this ex police officer, does that sound like a adult porn search? I really dont belive, in fact I know that this case would not be brought to a court of law for trial and subsequent sentancing without substantial evidence, there were images of child pornography on computers belonging to this ex police officer and he even admitted guilt, hence why there was not a trial. There certainly was evidene of llegal activity and child pornography and if this doesnt suggest sexual attraction to children I dont know what does. Before making coments that support such gross activity I suggest you get your facts correct. No wonder this country is in such a state if individuals imply that possessing child pornography doesnt mean anything. SICK.

Sun Mar 16, 04:07:00 pm GMT  

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