Friday, October 17, 2008

Greater Manchester Police say Ball Bearing fired into home 'not important enough to attend'

A woman who dialled 999 after yobs fired a ball bearing gun through her window says she was told the incident `wasn't important enough' to send an officer.

Denise Pickard, 42, was watching TV at her home in Stretford when the shots were fired into her front room.

One narrowly missed her partner Patrick, but when she phoned police she claims they told her they would not come out as it was not a real gun.

Miss Pickard said the shooting was the latest incident in a two-year ordeal of anti-social behaviour and abuse from youths who have thrown rocks at her home, banged on the windows and shouted threats.

She said: "We heard a massive bang. I saw three holes in the window. We called the police but they were so dismissive. They said it wasn't important enough to come out.

"I have been left to deal with this problem and have confronted the kids and even spoken to their parents but have just received more abuse and even death threats."

Greater Manchester Police say they logged Miss Pickard's report but did not attend as it was not known exactly what had caused the damage and there were no witnesses.

She says she called 999 again the following day after a group of seven youths returned, banging on her door and shouting `you're going to get shot, I'm going to trash your house'.

She claims it was not until she reported a third incident that night, when the group returned, that an officer came out to see her.

A police spokesman said: "Police received a report that a window at an address in Stretford had been damaged.

"At the time of the call it was not known exactly what had caused the damage and no witnesses saw what happened. In line with procedure a report was logged by a member of the public assistance desk."

Greater Manchester Police were last year ranked second-bottom out of 43 forces in England and Wales in league tables compiled by the Press Association.

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