Friday, October 17, 2008

Police in Newhaven to harass people for no reason

Police in Newhaven, Sussex, have pledged to crackdown on people minding their own business, and not breaking any law.

Officers will use Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act to move people on from a place, without reason or warrant, for up to 48 hours at a time with a view to prosecution using public nuisance powers or ASBOs, who have allegedly committed the crime of sitting on a public bench, and enjoying an alcohol based beverage.

But Lea Vesti-Neilsen from Paris Grooming said: 'We have noticed them drinking but it hasn't affected us.

'They have actually been helpful bringing in stray dogs to see if they have been micro-chipped.

'We actually have a positive relationship with them, they
feel quite comfortable coming in.'

Gill Hart from Gill's felt the same. She said: 'If they come past with their dogs they always, to me at least, have been quite polite and everything else.

'To be perfectly honest I have found other people more annoying and rude than them.

'Their dogs do run about but I think they have them quite under control, they do run loose but if they call them they come back to them.'

Unabated, PC Matt Holt (pictured) has indicated that the police will continue to harass people for no reason, and move them on for no reason, using the Violent Crime Reduction Act.

Appearing to be completely oblivious to the feelings of the public in the surrounding area, he said 'I am also going to be approaching our partners from other agencies to look at long term solutions, but would still like the public's assistance in reporting these matters.'

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