Friday, June 09, 2006

Brothers released after a week without charge

London police stormed a house in Forest Gate, London, last Friday, the 2nd of June, 2006. They shot one man, and arrested another. Today, both of the men are free, no charge having been brought against them.

The Police stormed into the house last Friday at dawn, and have spent a whole week tearing the place apart, in a desperate and unsuccesful attempt to find some sort of evidence to pin on the two innocent men.

Members of the local community have spoken of their shock and outrage at the Police action taken, and their refusal to apologise for their very nearly fatal error.

Many commentators have speculated that this shooting, and others commited by Metropolitan Police, are attempts to instill a mindset into the general public that the 'shoot to kill' policy is normal, despite this policy never having been given approval by the British public.

Alongside the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, this must be listed as one of the most obvious signs of the current Police State.

These men were unarmed.

They posed no threat.

They were held for seven days.

One of them was shot.

No charges were filed against them.

No evidence of any wrongdoing was found.

These were law abiding Londoners, yet they found themselves being subject to the worst kind of abuse of Human Rights from the Police State which is Britain.


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