Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Freedom of Information denied

Christine Grahame, the SNP MSP, has had a series of requests made under the Freedom of Information act refused, and has also suffered as a result of a bizarre ruling made by the Scottish Information Commissioner.

Acting on a tip off, after having received information from a well connected source, Grahame made a request under the Freedom of Information act, to every Police Special Branch Office in Scotland
for the number of files which the police held in which the title contained the words 'Scottish National Party'. The police refused to supply the information.

Grahame then appealed to the Scottish Information Commissioner, who gave the quite remarkable judgement that releasing the information would be 'contrary to public interest'! Quite how this is the case is not explained.

Of course, were it to become public knowledge that the Police are spending large quantities of their resources on attempting to monitor and subvert the true political beliefs of the SNP, then I do believe that the public would become very interested indeed.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pilotless UAV Spy Planes to spy on population of Scotland

Unmanned Arial Vehicles are to be deployed over the skies of Scotland, keeping tabs on the population, as reported in the Mail on Sunday.

The spy in the sky planes will be used to spy on people, intruding into the private lives of citizens.

Fitted with video cameras, these drones will monitor people, vehicles, property, and political protests.

It has been reported that £500,000 of taxpayers money has been used to fund this project.

Trials of the UAV planes have already taken place at ParcAberporth in Wales. The project is codenamed Project Astraea.

It is planned that these planes will be supplied to the police and other government agencies at a total cost of £32,000,000.

Currently, these UAV planes are best known for their use in nations which are considered to harbour enemies of the state, most recently Iraq and Afghanistan.

People of Britain, you are now seen as an enemy of the state.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Don't want to be illegally searched by the police? You must be a criminal!

Do you live in Largs? Maybe you have to use public transport? Then....you must be a criminal!

The train station in Largs has been fitted out with an airport style scanner which will scan passengers who wish to travel on trains.

Presently under Scots and English law, no one need submit to a search by police unless the police have reasonable cause to suspect that a person has, will, or is in the process of, committing a crime.

These intrusive scans are therefore, in theory, voluntary.

However, as reported on the Scotland Today news show, the attitude of the police appears to be at odds with the law.

As Scotland Today reported, "While passengers can't be forced to go through the detectors, refusal to do so may be treated as a reason for officers to undertake a search."

In other words, if you do not 'voluntarily' submit to have your person searched by machine, then the police will (completely illegally) claim that this gives them 'reason' to search you anyway, against your will.

Remember, the police only have the right to search you under very specific criteria.

They can only search you if they have reason to believe that you have, will, or are committing a criminal offence against the law of the UK.

Simply declining, and refusing to explain why you are declining, is not in itself sufficient cause for the police to have 'reason'.

Unfortunately, this breach of law, perpetrated by the Police State, and reported in the state controlled media, is all too commonplace in todays Britain.

The Police State is watching you!