Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glasgow Firefighters disciplined despite religious objections

Nine Firefighters from Stratchlyde Fire and Rescue have been disciplined for refusing to take part in activities which would have been in serious breach of their religious beliefs.

The Firefighters had been asked to hand out leaflets at a Gay March in George Square, in Glasgow, on June 24th.

The Fire Brigades Union in Scotland said it would be waiting until the individual members had been contacted before making comment.

The decision to discipline the firemen was met with dismay by the Roman Catholic Church, who explained that the firemen would have, as they have been previously, subject to a barrage of taunts and innuendo from gay marchers. The Roman Catholic Church also explained that numerous marchers take great pleasure in dressing up as nuns or priests, in order to mock the religious sensibilities of observers.

The head of the Fire and Rescue Service said,unconvincinly, that the Service did not "promote any sexual preference", although this appears to be at odds with the fact that the Fire and Rescue Service refuse to attend heterosexual events.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Naked passengers at Heathrow and more illegal searches of passengers

Passengers at Heathrow Airport have recently been subject to more state intrusion into their private lives, and even more illegally conducted searches of their person.

Passenegers have probably been unaware, but the x-ray machines which they are being herded through are actually capable of producing images of the subjects naked body, with detail such that the gender of the subject is obvious.

"I was quite shocked by what I saw," said Gary Cook, "I felt a bit embarrassed looking at the image."

A female passenger, who did not want to be named, said: “It was really horrible. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination because you’re virtually naked."

In America, Susan Hallowell, director of the US Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) security laboratory, showed off her own x-ray image to demonstrate the technology to reporters.

"It basically makes you look fat and naked, but you see all this stuff" said Hallowell.

Passengers are apparently picked 'at random', although recent statistics would point to being of Asian origin, and sporting a beard being sufficient evidence of randomness to warrant being picked.

Quite illegally, and shockingly, those passengers who decline to have their persons intruded upon in such a fashion are then subject to an involuntary search of their person, even if they choose to decline to proceed further in their travels.

Interestingly enough, the TSA has decided not to deploy the device at American airports until manufacturers can develop an electronic means of masking sensitive body parts.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The ludicrous case of the nuclear suitcase

Three men were cleared a few weeks ago, at the Old Bailey in London.

They had been held for two years, before being cleared of the charges.

They had been accused, based upon 'intelligence' supplied by the British Security services, of plotting to obtain a substance known as red mercury.

Red mercury has been named in numerous documents over the years as one of the components of so called 'dirty bombs', bombs in a suitcase, which explode in a densely populated area, leaving the area uninhabitable for many years.

The only problem with the charges which were cooked up against the men is that, well, Red Mercury is a non existant substance.

It doesn't exist. It's not real. It's made up.

These men were charged with attempting to obtain something which doesn't exist.

Not for the first time, the security services have been scandalously flawed in their 'intelligence'.

Whether it's non existant plots to blow up Old Trafford, non existant Ricin plots, or the non existant bomb at Forest Gate, the security services seem to be out of touch with what is actually happening.

Liquid Explosive Terror Alert Exposed

People flying through UK airports these past weeks have been subject to the most outragous form of state sponsored intrusion into their private lives.

Mothers have been forced to drink their own breast milk, persons have been denied essential medicines, and you must now show all of the contents of your hand luggage, not only to the airport officials, but, thanks to the see throuh bag you have to use, anyone can see anything you are carrying.

So how feasible is this 'terror' plot?

The state sponsored mainstream media, such as the BBC, would have you believe that the 'terrorists' planned to use a liquid explosive, known as triacetone triperoxide (TATP) to blow up planes in mid flight.

This would entail the use of three chemicals. Hydrogen Peroxide (at the correct concentration, not easily done outside of a laboratory without blowing yourself up), acetone, and sulfuric acid.

You would also need some ice, a thermometer, a stirring rod, a bucket and a medicine dropper.

After somehow sneaking all of these ingredients into the toilet, the process of making TATP would then take several hours, during which more than enough fumes would be released to a) overcome the 'terrorist' and b) alert the rest of the aircraft.

Of course, having made the TATP, all the 'terrorist' needs to do is to let it dry for a few hours.

So, all in all, it would take about 6 hours, would fill the airplane with noxious fumes, and would more than likely result in a small explosion, which would only kill the 'terrorist'.

The question of why then the government is willing to have you believe that these intrusions into your personal lives are neccessary remains.

It could be because they believe the above scenario is remotely possible, or it could simply be another move towards the total Orwellian society.

The people are smart enough to know.

One rule for the police, one rule for the rest of us

This is Mark Milton.

Recently, he was filmed travelling at 159mph on the M54 Motorway.

He was also filmed travelling at 83mph in a 30mph limit zone, and at 131mph in a 60mph limit zone.

The Crown Prosecution Service calculated that he had been travelling at an average of 148mph along the motorway, in a brand new Vauxhall Vectra GSi.

Most people would have been banned for at least 12 months, and had at least three points added to their licence, if they had been found guilty of dangerous driving, as Mark Milton has.

But then again, most people are not Police Constables.

Incredibly, district judge Peter Wallis handed PC Mark Milton an absolute discharge.

He said "The video recording shows that during the course of the journey, he overtakes other drivers with no advance warning given. Such speeds are obviously inherently dangerous."

He then added "There is no need for further punishment"

Further punishment? What punishment was handed out originally? None!

Mary Wallace, of the road safety charity 'Brake', said that the decision to hand PC Mark Milton an absolute discharge was 'rediculous'.

Paul Smith, of the Safe Speed campaign, said that "The average motorist would have been automatically banned if they had been convicted of doing anything like this. It seems there is one rule for the police and one for the rest of us. This sentence will only cause damage to the police-public relationship."