Sunday, October 08, 2006

Christian freed after being arrested for distributing biblical quotations

Stephen Green, a Christian, was arrested on September the 2nd, 2006.

His crime was that he was handing out leaflets which contain biblical quotes which express the Christian views towards homosexuality.

It was reported that Mr Green was arrested by the South Wales Minorities Support Unit because "the leaflet contained biblical quotes about homosexuality". Mr Green confirmed that the leaflets did contain statements such as "turn from your sins and you will be saved". Obviously, this material is a danger to the public, as far as South Wales police are concerned.

Mr Green had been in attendance at the Cardiff Mardi Gras, when his harrassment began.

He was initially asked to leave the park in which the event was taking place, which he agreed to do.

Upon taking up a place, on a public street, outside the entrance of the event, Mr Green was then subject to the police asking him to stop distributing his leaflets with biblical quotations, from his place on a public street.

Stephen Green refused, and was arrested by the Minorities Support Unit of South Wales Police.

Mr Green was interrogated for four hours, after which he refused to accept a police caution, and was then charged by the police under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

On Thursday, 28th September, 2006, the case against Stephen Green was dropped by Cardiff Magistrates Court, as there was no evidence to present against the defendent.

That's right, no evidence against the defendent that he had commited any crime.

On what basis then, had South Wales Police arrested him?

Despite not having any evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by Stephen Green, South Wales Police, instead of apologising to Mr Green, have actually stated that they still believe that they were right to arrest him in the first place!

Mr Greens solicitor has stated that his clients arrest is an "abuse of police powers", and that his client is considering legal action against South Wales Police, an action likely to succeed on the basis of the Human Rights Act, entitling Mr Green to religous freedoms, and freedoms to express those viewpoints.

Your rubbish will be monitored

More than 30 councils across the UK are planning to secretly attach a microchip to the lid of wheelie bins, which will enable them to monitor the contents of each housholds rubbish individually.

Each authority will then be able to cross reference this with the register of council tax payers to enable them to see exactly who is throwing out what sort of rubbish.

Of course, they couldn't attempt to do this openly, otherwise there would be open revolt in the street, so they are attempting to do this by stealth, without anyone noticing.

In Bournemouth, approximately 25,000 householders removed these chips from their own wheelie bins.

I have also personally heard from people who hve simply removed the chip, microwaved it for a few seconds, and then replaced it. The chip is inoperative, and the council are none the wiser as to how it happened.

Sheridan belittled over MI5 allegations

Scottish MSP Tommy Sheridan (pictured) has recently been the subject of much ridicule in the mainstream media, for daring to suggest that MI5, who have been proven over the years to have sought to place agents in positions of power within political organisations, have been engaged in a plan, in conjunction with the mainstream media, to discredit him.

Of course, the reality is that only a completely naive person would think that MI5 are not keeping tabs on Tommy Sheridan, and are not seeking to discredit him, and his political ambitions, in order to preserve the status quo.

Readers and viewers of mainstream media will have heard much of the alleged video which exists which, the mainstream media would have you believe, proves that Tommy Sheridan allegedly states that he has visited a swingers club.

What they won't have been told is that, according to no less a source than the editor of the News of the World, Bob Bird, Tommy Sheridan only makes the briefest of appearances on the alleged video.

I wonder how many other journalists are in the pockets of MI5?

Jack Frost killed after nephews encounter with the police state

Jack Frost, the creation of writer Rodney Wingfield, has been killed off by the writer, after his nephew suffered the unfortunate experience of being dealt with by the police.

Mr Wingfields nephew was arrested for allegedly stealing a battery charger. Despite not matching the description of the thief, the CCTV clearly showing the nephews innocence, and numerous alibis being freely available and willing to avail themselves to the police, the police took the decision to arrest Mr Wingfields nephew, and to detain him overnight.

During his imprisonment, he was urged to confess to this 'crime' by officers, who said that if he confessed to the crime he did not commit, then he would be cautioned and allowed to go home.

Mr Wingfield had written a letter of complaint to the Chief Constable, Roger Baker, but failed to recieve a response, prompting him to lose faith in the police.

The row coincides with claims that the police are being forced to enforce unrealistic arrest rates, irrespective of the innocence or guilt of the parties being arrested.

Of course, the fact that individuals who are arrested have their details placed onto the National Identity Register without their consent is, I'm sure, completely unrelated to the inflated targets for arrests.